Welcome to Port City Community Church in Jacksonville, North Carolina

We are PC3 Jacksonville and our mission is to reach people and help them walk with God. We love getting to impact Jacksonville, NC and its surrounding communities. We hope you would join us for a service or an upcoming event!

Latest Message

When Jesus people ignore the problems that are happening in their community, they forfeit their ability to have influence with their community. We gain a voice by rolling up our sleeves, getting engaged, and lending a hand. There are times when what is happening in the world requires us to leverage whatever we have and to take a risk with what we have. We can’t expect to rebuild or restore anything without it costing personally. Proximity always changes our perspective. The closer we get, the better we can see, understand, and empathize with the issues. Imagine if enough of us decided that before we pass judgment, before we make a statement, and before we offer solutions that we go see for ourselves what is going on with the next generation.